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Armela Farms hydroponic growing technology, on-site storage, packaging and distributions methods is redefining local foods supply, committed to feeding people in cities in a way that is positive for the environment.

Join us on our journey to sustainable food production as we address food safety and meet rising demands.

It all started with a vision to grow nutritious greens in the desert. The UAE is known for its scorching heat which is a barrier to producing healthy crops. With this in mind, we sowed the seeds of innovation. Our team created a pioneering indoor environment in the middle of this sprawling desert, enabling the effective growth of tasty greens in the UAE.

Offering   options to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

High-quality hydroponic produce

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Our Produce

Our wholesome, vibrant lettuce range combines healthy goodness with hearty doses of freshness.

Salad on the go, but fresher and better thanks to Armela! The Simply Salad range has your…

Wondering what to cook? With Armela Fresh, the task becomes way easier. We have a range …

Watch out! Armela Kale is coming to take over with its addictiveness and extra nutrition.

It’s not easy to get your hands on fresh, local, all-natural snacks in a busy world. Armela Snacks …

Our flavours range from Paprika Lime to Garlic, Sea Salt, and Zaatar. It’s high in vitamins A, C & K, calcium …

Why Hydroponics

The benefits of hydroponics are bountiful and are wonderful for the world. The world’s changing and so is the way we

The world’s changing and so is the way we grow food. Hydroponics is farming in its most modern form. It’s a new-age process of growing fresh, clean, nutritious, and long-lasting healthy produce. Using nutrient-rich water is just the start, and we use innovative technology to produce wholesome lettuce.

  • Tand harvest plants in a controlled environment that remains unaffected by outdoor weather variations.

    Because we're part of a controlled environment, pesky pests don't visit us, and we don't release harmful chemicals into the environment.

  • With Armela, it's 365 days of crops, through rain or shine. We supply high-quality products straight to you, any day, any time

    It's ecological at its core with a close loop irrigation structure that uses 80% less water in a good old-fashioned farming style. Extra water goes through the loop again, improving conservation and maximizing productivity.

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Sustainability and Food Security

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