The benefits of hydroponics are bountiful and are wonderful for the world.

The world's changing and so is the way we grow food. Hydroponics is farming in its most modern form. It's a new-age process of growing fresh, clean, nutritious, and long-lasting healthy produce. Using nutrient-rich water is just the start, and we use innovative technology to produce wholesome lettuce.

  • Our plants thrive in a controlled environment, shielded from the unpredictable shifts in outdoor weather.

  • Operating within this controlled setting, we remain pest-free without resorting to the use of harmful chemicals that could impact the environment.

  • Embracing ecological principles, our system incorporates a closed-loop irrigation structure, reducing water usage by 80% compared to traditional farming methods. Excess water is recycled, enhancing conservation efforts and optimizing productivity.

  • Armela ensures a consistent supply of high-quality crops every day of the year, regardless of weather conditions. Our commitment to delivering top-notch products remains unwavering, ensuring you have access to our offerings anytime, anywhere.

Into a new sustainable era

From production and packing to distribution, sustainability is the motto we live by. The Earth has gone through enough, and it’s our responsibility to step up our game and provide conscious, sustainable, and ethical options to consumers. Not only this, we don’t believe in greenwashing and hiking up the price just for the sake of it. You have the luxury of getting quality, affordable produce that helps the planet thrive too.

Our promise of food and safety

Armela Farms pro-actively investing in innovative agricultural technologies and sustainable farming practices to achieve long- term food security in UAE, which reduced dependency on imports from global markets.